About us

Our Story

      Serendipity was founded by three best friends in August of 2020, we are university students who in the midst of Covid lockdowns noticed a gap in the DIY beauty market in Toronto. When we were no longer able to go to our beauty bars to get a wax, we began looking online for alternatives. Much to our surprise our local options were slim, and either really expensive or packed with unpronounceable ingredients. We knew there had to be a better solution, so we started researching ways to make sugar wax.

      After plenty of trial and error we landed on the perfect formula for our first product, our Serendipity sugar wax. Since then we have added our Sweet Sand body scrub to our product line as well as a vintage ring pop up shop.

      Our team is passionate about creating all natural products that are eco friendly and affordable. We love developing new products and constantly have something exciting in the works, always keeping our customers in mind.

      We really hope you find something you love on our website, and encourage you to reach out over email or dm if you have any questions - or product suggestions!


Meet the team!

Hello from Rachel, Victoria and Kamal!